philoro is a precious metal trading company that is independent of banks and has branches in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Hungary. The team has years of experience in the international precious metal trade. The services cover the entire spectrum of investment in precious metals from purchase and sale, to bank-independent storage, right through to personal advice.

If you would like to receive personal advice or purchase/sell precious metals, the experts in our branches are happy to help. You can find out here where our branches are located: philoro.com/stores
You can get advice regarding the purchase and sale of precious metals, as well as their storage, in any of our branches without a prior appointment.
Yes. We offer secure and cost-effective storage for our customers from a certain minimum amount. You have the option of collecting your stored precious metals at any time outside of business hours, if this is arranged by telephone in advance. You can find more information on this subject here: Store precious metals securely. We cannot guarantee your anonymity in the case of storage. In order to assign the stored goods properly, philoro requires the relevant information from the proprietors.

Security at philoro

Our website uses a GeoTrust True BusinessID (with EV) SSL certificate. This means that data is transferred in an encrypted manner. The GeoTrust True BusinessID (with EV) Secured Seal guarantees maximum security standards in online transactions and is only issued to businesses following several intensive tests. The SSL protocol can be recognized, among other things, by the HTTPS abbreviation and the lock symbol displayed in the browser.
As well as the wide-ranging security precautions in the online area, we can also guarantee physical security. This is why we have taken extensive security precautions, such as video surveillance, in all of our branches. We provide a discrete desk in most of our branches for larger investments, where you can carry out your business in an undisturbed and unobserved manner. As soon as the goods are in our possession, they are insured to a value of €100,000 as standard. You also have the option of increasing the insurance cover. Find out more in the GTC. The entire transport route is also insured using competent dispatch companies whilst the goods are being shipped.


philoro offers an extensive range of precious metal coins and bars for capital investment. You can find an overview of the products we sell in our online shop. Click through the range of bars and coins of gold, silver, platinum and palladium or visit one of our branches.

We also give you the option of storing your precious metals in bank-independent safes in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.
A large quantity of our products are available in our branches. 
Yes. Your bars may diminish in value if you remove them from the blister pack. If the bar is unpacked when it is bought, it is important to ensure that the certificate is not lost and the bar is not damaged.

Coins are often sold in so-called coin capsules, which serve as protection against corrosion. It is important that the coins are not scratched or damaged in any other way when you come to sell them.

Generally, we recommend that you do not remove the products from their original packaging.
Prices are updated on our website every three minutes. You can find all of the relevant information on this subject in the upper right corner of the screen. The countdown shows the next time that you can update the prices. The ‘precious metal prices’ button can be found to the left of that. Click on this button to find out the current bid-and-ask prices for gold, silver, platinum and palladium in Euros and US Dollars.
Our prices are updated every three minutes and are coupled with international market prices, which means that price fluctuations have an immediate effect on the prices of our products. You will receive an order confirmation as soon as you have made your order. During this process, the price will be adapted to suit the rate one last time before being fixed. You will then receive an invoice mail that confirms the final price.
Several factors play a role in the product price. One important factor is the weight that the current gold price is multiplied by and so is also subject to fluctuations. The molding costs (for bars) and the minting costs (for coins) are also a fixed key component of the price. The availability of the goods is also relevant, if you have a limited edition coin, for example.
Physical investment gold in the form of bars is exempt from value added tax in all EU countries. The same applies for coins. However, certain conditions must be fulfilled, such as the fact that the coins have to be a valid form of payment in their country of origin. This and other criteria affect well-known investment coins such as the Maple Leaf.
However, when it comes to physical silver in the form of bars and coins, this is not the case. Here, the VAT for the respective country is incurred – for Austria, this is 20 %. Indeed, there is an exception: If the market value of a silver coin is more than 150 % of the metal value, the VAT is 10 %.


You can buy precious metals online in a simple, secure and comfortable manner. Just select the desired goods and make your way through the simple ordering system. Once you have completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation as well as a binding invoice including payment information. Once your payment has gone through, the goods will be delivered within three working days.

You can find more information on the ordering process under: How to order?

If your desired product is delivered in a blister pack, this will be mentioned in the product description.

Payment for the goods you have ordered is made via direct transfer in advance or in cash upon collection. Once the payment has been received, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation. You can find the necessary bank details in the order confirmation and on the invoice. It is not possible to pay by credit card or PayPal online. If you arrange on-site collection, you have the option of paying by cash or by EC/credit card in selected branches. You can find more detailed information here.

The delivery and shipping costs depend on the order amount and the country in which the goods are delivered. You can view the respective costs in the shipping costs. We ask for your understanding that some delivery addresses can only be declared once the shipping costs have been billed, since individual cost calculation is necessary.
All shipping risks are completely insured by the logistics company. We only work with logistics companies who can prove that they have years of experience in the transport of precious metals. The shipping costs include VAT, insurance and protective packaging.

In the case of orders with a transaction amount of more than € 250,000, you also have the option of fiduciary handling as well as the standard handling service.
You have the option of ordering the goods conveniently on the Internet and collecting them from your preferred branch in person. In this case, you have to click your desired branch when selecting shipping options during the order process. You also have the option of paying for the goods you have ordered by cash in the branch.
The precious metal savings plan makes is possible for you to invest in one or more of your defined products on a monthly basis. You can choose anything from our product range and there is no minimum investment. The purchase price is measured on 15th of each month at 11:30 CET and direct debit authority means that you do not have to do anything else. The product is stored free of charge until you collect it during business hours. You also have the option of storing the products you have purchased in our safes. You can terminate this savings plan on the 1st of every month with one week notice.
You can get an overview of your order in the customer area of our website. This is where you will find a list of all of the online purchases you have made. However, any purchases that have been handled in our branches will not be displayed in the order history.
This function is not available if you "order as a guest".
In the case of a limit order, customers can use a customer account to make a purchase/sale that will be carried out in the future – and at a price that they have decided for the product themselves. If the current rate falls below or exceeds this fixed price, the order process will be canceled.

In order to do this, select the desired product in our Shop and click the ‘limit order’ button. You then enter your desired price and the validity period and set your limit order. When doing this, you can choose three different time periods: 7, 30 or 90 days, during which all of the information can be altered retroactively. You receive an order confirmation via email. We process your orders in a binding manner, if the relevant price falls below (or exceeds) the lower limit (or upper limit) provided. You will receive your invoice once the order has been executed. Once this has been settled, the order is completed and your package will be sent.

Example – purchase, gold, limit order:
You would like to purchase 1 oz of Philharmoniker gold at the current price of € 1,032.00. Now you can set a limit order at € 1,012.00 for a period of 30 days. Once the price has been achieved or falls short within the defined time period, the limit order is executed and you receive an invoice via email.

Selling Precious Metal

If you would like to sell bars or investment coins, you can do this directly in our branches or handle the sale via our online shop. You are free to collect your goods from one of our dispatch companies. Your goods are checked for authenticity once they have been received and the amount that has been calculated will either be paid to you by cash (up to € 15,000.00) or transferred to your account. No charges are incurred.

If you would like to sell jewelry or old or scrap gold, please head to one of our branches. The object will then be examined by means of standardized tests in order to determine the amount of pure gold and is then weighed. An amount is calculated based on these values, which you are then paid. No charges are incurred.

Yes. Your bars may diminish in value if you remove them from the blister pack. If the bar is unpacked when it is bought, it is important to ensure that the certificate is not lost and the bar is not damaged.

Coins are often sold in so-called coin capsules, which serve as protection against corrosion. It is important that the coins are not scratched or damaged in any other way when you come to sell them.

Generally, we recommend that you do not remove the products from their original packaging.