FOCUS MONEY gold dealer test 2019: philoro multiple test winner

FOCUS MONEY gold dealer test 2019: philoro multiple test winner 1/29/2019

Eschen, 29.01.2018: Once again, there is an eventful year behind the precious metals industry, and so Focus Money magazine once again chose the best gold traders in Germany this year.

About the Gold Trader Test by Focus Money:

Until December 14, 2018, the precious metal traders had time to answer the extensive questionnaire of the German Financial Services Institute (DFSI) and return it to the same. Only then was it possible to participate in this evaluation and to include the name of the gold traders in the publication of the article. More than 40 gold traders throughout Germany were interviewed and the answers were tested on the spot with spot checks to ensure the integrity of the participants.

The test was divided into 5 disciplines, with the first part (consisting of service, delivery and payment options) being subdivided once more.

The gold traders were audited in the following categories:

  • Best Gold Trader
  • Best gold coin dealer
  • Best bullion trader
  • Best Gold Buyer
  • Best service
  • Best storage

The categories were each divided into the divisions branch and online distribution, where philoro EDELMETALLE GmbH in 5 out of 6 disciplines, the best grade "very good" and in the other the equally satisfactory and second best possible grade "good" could secure.

Thus, philoro EDELMETALLE AG maintains its high level and has once again secured a podium finish.

Thus, it continues to be one of the leading trading houses in terms of precious metals and investment throughout Germany.
A fact that the renowned FOCUS MONEY test can certify.

Focus Money Awards 2019

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