In Gold We Trust Report 2018

In Gold We Trust Report 2018 5/29/2018

On May 29, 2018, the 12th issue of the annual "In Gold we Trust" report was published. In 12 chapters and on 211 pages, the authors analyze various factors influencing the gold price. Read a short summary here and / or download the complete report.

In-Gold-we-Trust-2018-Extended-version-english-1Tide turn of monetary policy

The monetary policy u-turn from QE to QT will result in a net decrease in central bank liquidity. This is the first major crash test for financial markets in a decade.

Tide turn in the global monetary order

In 2008, central banks changed from net sellers to net buyers. China, India, Russia and Turkey are the most important players today. This is just one aspect of the big trend towards de-dollarization. Gold will play an important role in the multi-polar monetary system of the future.

Technological tidal turn

Crypto currencies and blockchain technology have become indispensable. Gold and cryptocurrencies are not enemies but friends. In fact, a collaborative approach would leverage the strengths of both sides and make them more attractive to new millennials. The first gold-based crypto currencies have already been launched.


Further highlights of the report

  • Quo Vadis, Aurum?
  • Inflation Deflation – The Big Showdown?
  • Precious Metal Stocks - More than a silver lining?
  • China - the sword of Damocles of the world economy?
  • Exclusive interview with Luke Gromen: "The dollar seems to be in a forced move!"
  • Exclusive interview with Richard Zundritsch, the nephew of FA Hayek: "Hayek would prefer Gold over Bitcoin."
  • Technical analysis: Derivatives market, sentiment and seasonality make us confident

The compact version of the study can be downloaded here: "In Gold We Trust 2018 - Compact Version".

You can download the entire study here: "In Gold We Trust 2018". 

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