NEW: Precious metal calculator

NEW: Precious metal calculator 1/29/2016

With the relaunch of the philoro online shop we are offering many recommendable services. For you as a costumer, the precious metal calculator is certainly one of the most exciting and interesting services of the new philoro online shop.

What is the precious metal calculator?

The philoro precious metal calculator is the perfect service for those who would like to invest in precious metals, but are still not sure, which products they want to buy, respectively how the investment strategy should look like.

You can test the precious metal calculator and see how you can influence the proposed products by changing your investment behaviour and / or a desired precious metal ratio. The result of the philoro precious computer is a cart, which is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires.

What is the advantage of the precious metal calculator?

The precious metal calculator is a tool which allows you to combine various investment behaviours and precious metals (gold / silver ratio).

Depending on the desired investment total and the desired precious metal ratio (e.g .: 80 % gold , 20 % silver), we will propose products of of the philoro online store to you, which are tailored to your investment behaviour.

Please also note the disclaimer at the bottom of the precious metal calculator page.

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